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Whatever challenges the future brings, The Parent Link is here to help you connect with those who matter most… your children.

Our Television Special

The Parent Link is an entertaining and informative CBS television special that targets adults ages 25-65. For the past 3 years, this hour-long show has helped fill an increasing need to provide parents with tools that can help strengthen their family, communicate with their kids, and keep them safe in today’s challenging world.

Our Format

The Parent Link includes:

Our Program

The Parent Link television special uniquely connects to, a data base that features more than 1,000 trusted family resources approved by parenting experts. Users will quickly find answers to their most vital parenting questions.

Uplift Families Demographics

Demand for the Parent Link

Kids need their parents now more than ever!

Our Viewers appreciate the entertaining, fast moving, and inspiring content and format

Media Executives and Sponsors public response and positive brand association

Parents and Grandparentsa media resource that helps them fulfill their essential roles – providing families with support, stability, and resilience

Your Opportunity

Join us in making a lasting difference in families’ lives as a sponsor of “The Parent Link” television special. We invite you to help fill the need for positive and constructive parent-centered programming, and amplify our parent resources.

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